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It’s no secret the key to any successful crowdfunding campaign lies in your ability to reach, engage, and gather the financial support of your target crowd. Crowdfunding is very much like throwing a party. But how will people find out about your crowdfunding party? Why should they be interested in joining? You bring “what” your idea is about and we can help You answer the “how’s” and “why’s” of building your crowd. It’s all within the Crowdfunding Frameworks.
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Crowdfunding is growing and the Crowdfunding Frameworks can help turn your idea into a reality!

➨ Understand crowd psychology
➨ Gain an online presents
➨ Tapping into the crowd
➨ Understanding the different Crowdfunding Platforms
➨ Designing a successful campaign model and plan
➨ Learn how to use social media and build your $ocial capital
➨ Promote your campaign to reach hidden funding sources
➨ Promoting your campaign with Social Media, SEO, & PR
➨ Managing donors make them supper backers & flag wavers
➨ Build your crowd on the cloud using Google technology
➨ Two hours of Free consultation with CrowdFunding mentors

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Learning is a lifetime process, but there comes a time when we must stop adding and start updating. ― Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn.” Join us!

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CrowdFundingPlanning FRAMEWORKS site Review:

1- CrowdFunding Introduction

  • 7 Part CF Framework Video Overview
  • Understanding the Process and more

2 - The CLOUD

  • Google Cloud & Search

  • Low Cost Scalable Tech

  • Bus Apps & Websites and more

3 - The Crowd

  • The Internet Landscape

  • Google Search, YouTube & All Social Media interaction and more

4 - The Intelligence

  • Apps, Security & SEO

  • Crowd Identification & Connection Globally and more

5 - The Blueprint

  • Cultivating Motivating Goals

  • Process, Defining steps & activities Campaign Framework and more

6 - The Best Practices

  • Reduce Personal Capital

  • Leverage Successful ways

  • Choosing a Platform and more

7 - The Due Diligence

  • Regulatory & Legal Issues

  • Compliancy, Business IP Structure & Function Req

8 - CF Psychology

  • Discovering what ? 
  • Understanding How & Why 
  • Identifying the Motivation

9 - Document Library

  • Business Reference & Help

  • Intelligence Search Analysis

  • Design Presentations

10 - Video Library

  • How to CF tutorials

  • Promotion & Engaging

  • Marketing & Call to Action

11 - CF Tool Kits

  • CF Business Model

  • CF Framework 7-Part

  • CF Project Workbook

12 - Mentors Directory

  • Who knows what ?

  • Who are the Experts

  • Help & Advice

13 - Your CF SCORES

  • CrowdFunding SCORE

  • Social Media SCORE

  • Campaign Assessment

14 - CF Trends

  • What is happening in CF

  • Why is CF Growing 200%yr

  • JOBS ACT Legislation

15 - CF Store

  • Select the Tools & Service

  • Get Help Now

16 - CF Modeling

  • Test Launch

  • Concept Validation

17 - CF - Workbook

  • DIY Organize & Document

  • Use Proved guides/, formats/

18 - CF - Workshop

19 - Portfolio

20 - CF - FAQ