Like you, we are entrepreneurs! We have developed a great product and we continue to be passionate about our continuously evolving CrowdFunding Learning System, called CrowdFunding Frameworks.

Like most entrepreneurs, we tried the conventional methods (i.e. family members, close friends, brick-and-mortar Banks, SBA, SCORE and VCs, ect...) of raising the needed start-up funds - to no large success. We were met with praise for our innovationand what is believed to become a cornerstone of the crowdfunding industry. However, given the state of the economy over the past half-decade, funding innovations has taken a back seat to the status-quo. Bank's were wary of providing financing to companies who didn't have an established and lengthy positive cash flow history. We weren't in bad company though. During this time period, banks were rejecting financing and line of credit request from pretty much anyone that didn't already have substantial money with them. Venture Capitalist were still in the mix but the reality is even in bullish economies, VC's only back about 2% of projects that are presented to them. It was certainly difficult to find financial avenues willing to take the investment-risk. At times, it honestly felt like we were taking the risk of jumping off a cliff and finding a way to build our "wings" on the way down. I'm sure many of you reading this can relate to this story.

Acceptance and Perseverance

We have accepted and embraced the growing pains and challenges that come with any start-up. We fully expect to encounter more challenges in the future but we have also seen our efforts show the sparks of success we know will turn into a wildfire. But In order to walk, we accept we must first learn how to crawl. And learning to walk will give us the foundation to run.

We Believe

Our belief in the benefit of our Learning System for small businesses and start-ups, some financial support we were able to obtain and growing clientelbase - has allowed us to endure. Moreover, we believe that real economic recovery will be ignited through innovation and the small business sector - and we want to do our part to make that happen. 

Our Efforts

CrowdFunding Frameworks is the expanding culmination of our efforts and capital expenditures. The development process has taken over 4,000+ man hours, spread over the past two years and around $350,000 of our own investments. With the dedication of our crowd funding team, help from our network of CrowdFunding Mentors, and our valued clients, we are now able to share the sum of our crowd funding knowledge and experiences in a way that is easy for anyone to learn, understand and implement. We are pleased to now be able to offer the "wings" we built so other start-ups may fly. 

Along with our tested and proven CrowdFunding FrameWorks, we have also developed the CrowdFunding Project Model, CrowdFunding Workbook, and the CrowdFunding Softlaunch and Relaunch kits.

Why do "We Do What We Do

We are sharing our collective CrowdFunding knowledge and experiences at the lowest possible price. We want to do our part to spark a real economic recovery and our success will be realized with the success of other small businesses and start-ups who are able to succeed by using our system. 

Implementing a Star Trek Economy (TED Conversations)

Star Trek economy, here on Earth, that is based on the needs of mankind and not the acquisition of wealth. Where our incentives would lie in bettering ourselves and those around us. Where we would live beyond the need for money, politics, poverty, war, national border and social stratification.
Through technological abundance and automation of labor this is not just feasible, but rather easy to attain. And with an educated population the transition to such a society would be much smoother when the predicted economic collapse, which is seemingly looming upon us, breaks out.

Also, We Know:

1- If small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups already have the money to get their project started, they would not have to CrowdFund for seed money. (Although there are still other significant and valuable uses of crowdfunding other than just for raising money).

2-For an idea/business to really succeed, a path to real revenue has to be in place after having a successful Crowd Funding campaign. If one thinks differently, then they need to find a new opportunity. Crowdfunding for capital is only the beginning. The money raised in Crowdfunding is primarily for developing your idea; not a means of long term business financing.

3-We believe innovation is the final frontier. For us in the United States, the path is clear - innovate or become obsolete. We may be losing manufacturing jobs to the rest of the world, but we are and will continue to be the world's leading innovators and product pioneers. We believe by assisting you in your Crowd Funding journey, we will collaborativly create new jobs and build a partnership that will be mutually beneficial for years to come . We want to be part of the economic recovery solution. We believe mutual knowledge sharing and collaboration will help take us all to the next level.

About The CrowdFunding Frameworks Portal

CrowdFunding Frameworks E-Learning System is fundamentally focused on all the information an innovator, entrepreneur or small business needs to know and all the tasks that need to be accomplished “before” a crowdfunding campaign is launched.  Does crowdfunding take work and a commitment to the success of the campaign?  Absolutely.  Do you need to settle for crowdfunding by way of the “shotgun effect method” of random tasks that are not necessarily geared toward success?  Absolutely not. 

The planning, the strategy and all the things you do Before launching your crowdfunding campaign will determine its end result.  If done right, when your campaign launches, You should comfortably be on your way to reaching your goal.  With a proper strategy in place, the duration of your campaign should be spent on task specific duties, campaign maintenance and possibly implementing strategy tweaks. The Frameworks will help you develop that strategy.  The Frameworks will help you know what you need to know about everything crowdfunding and what you need to do to give yourself the best opportunity for success. 

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