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CrowdFunding steps to takes before you jump off the cliff

posted May 25, 2013, 10:58 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Jun 6, 2013, 9:45 AM by ]

CrowdFunding steps to take before you  jump off the cliff and finding a way to build your "wings" on the way down

During the past two (2) years, we have met and interviewed with many Entrepreneurs and SMBs which were interested in Crowd Funding ( a new proven method to raise funds for their projects and dreams )  but they did not what, how ,when or where to start . 

To get our concept validated , we produced a video  called " What is CrowdFunding ".  Over  95000+ views later, we received our validation. 

We listened and documented what Entrepreneurs and SMBs wanted and needed the most then began looking for practical and proven solutions. We experimented with these solutions internally in our own organizations and externally with our clients to find the best solution.We have found the solution and documented our results.. is our 1st product for CrowdFunding issuers ( individuals that want to run a campaign ) .

During the past two years, we have learned the components of successful Crowd Funding campaign and the best practices to complete a campaign: 
  1. Category 
  2. The story
  3. Video
  4. Rewards
  5. Title, or name 
  6. Short pitch and long pitch
  7. Pictures
  8. Bio
  9. "The ask"
  10. " The road map "
  11. Strategies such as social media and blogging , website and landing pages, design and deployment, press release,  public relations and even email marketing 
  12. Etc.
We have learned Entrepreneurs and SMBs;
  1. Some but not all fail to realize creations of  the above steps happen during the Crowd Funding project phase  at least 6 months before the CrowdFunding campaign begins
  2. Believe, they might be able to hire and delegate someone to do #1 for them without much involvement. ( Just like hiring someone to go to the bank and get a loan for them by telling a story ) 
  3. Know a lot about their verticals but they mostly lack in these two categories:
    1. Being and having coherent vision or what we call ""What the damned thing is all about"
    2. Not knowing the details and the foundation of what it takes to be a business or preparing to become a business, ( Raising the fund is not the guarantee or ability of product or service delivery )
Therefore we set our goals  to "Crowd develop"  and  "Cloud release"  the  following products and services:
  1. To produce an online CrowdFunding E- learning  and educational portal that takes Entrepreneurs and SMBs from " They do not know, what they do not know " to  " I know what I do not know "  stage. By doing so they can focus on what they can accomplish and look for solutions on what they need to learn or delegate. The product is ready for the "crowd" now and it is called CrowdFundingrameorks it assists CrowdFunding issuers and CrowdFunding consultants with: 
    1. How to leverage Google cloud technology and marketing and Standing on the shoulders of giants to win the game
    2. Where, What, and Who their target audience is
    3. How to maximize search and business intelligence to reduce your CowdFunding project and campaign 
    4. Create your Crowd Funding BluePrint before building your campaign to reach maximum campaign potential 
    5. Develop and manage your Crowd Funding campaign based on the best practices and avoid learning through costly mistakes
    6. Learn the due diligence required to insure success of your Crowd Funding campaign. Keep your project and campaign safe from an alligator 
    7. Build your business and Crowd Funding one page model, Validate the model's component before you dive into your CrowdFunding campaign Save valuable time. (Money  fluctuates, However, time does not.
    8. Break the rules,  take a chance, Try Crowd Funding , Ideate, innovate and progress. Try and if you fail to remember,  have in mind, failure builds your experience leading your success.
  2. To  develop a  Crowd Funding E- learning  and educational portal called Crowd Funding Business Model that assists Entrepreneurs and SMBs to have a one page Business Plan with crowd validation built into it ( Clarity brings Seniority ) 
  3. To help of experienced CrowdFunders to develop a  CrowdFunding E- learning  and educational portal called  Crowd Funding Work Book that guides Entrepreneurs and SMBs with all facets of their CrowdFunding project and campaign
  4. To develop a Crowd Funding E- learning  and educational portal called  Crowd Maker that guides Entrepreneurs and SMBs with all facets of their CrowdFunding Social Media needs 
  5. To develop a Crowd Funding  E- learning l portal called  CrowdFunding SoftLaunch environment for Entrepreneurs and SMBs to test and validate their campaign 
Following is  CrowdFundingrameorks that can be Order now! 

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