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Do you believe you need to create a video for your crowdfunding project/campaign?

posted Sep 23, 2013, 9:55 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 23, 2013, 9:59 AM ]
I agree 100% . This is two of case studies on the subject :

These three Crowd Funding campaign videos are the good example of CrowdFunding video and Video SEO .

The 1st one ( not launched yet) . The video was about 5 minutes and the story was clear but not to the ASK . See before and after . Comments are welcome :) 
* Before :

* After :

The 2nd is an interesting one .( Jan-Willem Onink comment - see the eyes .

We ( CrowdFundingPlanning ) were called 40 days into the campaign , Video was produced without our input so as the campaign . As you see, on the 1st video, The speaker has sunglasses on . It was hard to support . We did our work , they superseded their goal , they have a few days left and in the stretch goal video , they removed the glasses and did a better job . 1.40 min - ( after reaching their goal )

The 3rd one is about a project that we were called 48 days into the campaign . When you watch the two videos, (one in Kickstarter and one on YouTube ) . You easily see the difference. We also linked YouTube to Kickstater two ways

Kickstarter: - 
YouTube : (New Mothers Finest Recording -Legendary Funk Rock band "Mother's Finest" is releasing their first new music CD in over 10 years.)

We love CrowdFunding :)

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