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posted Dec 5, 2013, 10:05 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 5, 2013, 10:13 AM ]
Some of you might have heard the notion “inner game”
, it is about what happens inside you, inside yourself. Most people are on automatic pilot during their entire
life time. They are completely unaware of what they are doing and why that is. And, even when you would show it to them, make it visible to them, they just wouldn’t care. Environment is stronger than willpower ... for most people. Your inner game defines how you act and react in your outer world, how you play your outer game, so to speak. While this is actually important to know for anyone, it is essential to know and understand for a true Leader. Like most things in life this doesn’t come easy, it requires quite some work on your self-development and on raising your self awareness. In eastern philosophies there is the saying “A true warrior conquers oneself.” That’s what it is in essence: You have to look inside first understanding your inner game and why it plays out the way it does. But be warned: it has the potential to become a life changing experience! According to, for instance, Ken Wilber, but also others in this realm, there are several stages of self development, and, not surprising, spirituality (not organized religion) being the highest form. (By the way: you might be surprised that many of the most famous physicists were highly spiritual people.) All that is very well known in the fields of psychology, and also philosophy. While you do not need to completely immerse yourself into studying all this (I assure you it is a tough journey when you do ... took me several years), you need to attain a certain level of knowing and understanding your inner game. One of the first steps is developing your self awareness, becoming an observer of yourself. Watch how you react to certain circumstances and then stop, stop and ask yourself what you felt and also thought in that given moment. Trust me, that’s a real eye opener when done, consciously paying attention to oneself. You might be surprised to how many things you just react instantly without even thinking. Those are the automated response patterns hardwired in your system since a long time. Those are your habits. Usually, we like to make ourselves believe that what we did or said was a conscious action, thought through, and then adjusted to the situation. It’s not and it never was. We perceive our world through our installed filters, not only that, we create our world based on filtered information. What you perceive as true might be completely different, and usually is, to the other person ... and both of you are right. And then, when we really pay attention, there is this voice inside us ... our invisible advisor ... constantly talking and telling us what to do ... and it can become pretty loud. You might say it is your voice of reason, well, I challenge you on that one. Don’t believe a word this voice is saying, become aware, aware of yourself. Only knowing and understanding your personal inner game will set you free. We are all prisoners of our past, the key is to find these invisible chains, resolving what created them in the first place. You might know the expression “You are pushing my buttons”. Actually, one can only push those buttons you, yourself, installed previously. Just imagine the damage inflicted on a daily basis, as we speak, to so many people by “leaders” driven by their automatic pilot, completely unaware and insensitive to what’s really going on ... totally unaware of their inner game. Mastery of your inner game will unlock your real potential as a true Leader. Without that you will be stuck on a lower level of development unable to transcend and see what could be. Mastering your inner game will require you to find the right teachers, teachers right for you and you truly feel connected with, in the first place. These teachers, I promise you that, will get you out of your so cherished comfort zone, out of your so beloved belief system, out of your ego-driven life ... it can be painful in the beginning though ... actually it will and you will first resist a lot. Then remember: What you resist, persists! Such trainings are seldom done in classrooms. You learn the most when you are challenged in a natural setting. Nature has its ways too to teach us to become humble and empathetic. That’s what you might want to look for. A true Leader, a true Master of Leadership, is unafraid to be humble ... doesn’t take neither himself, nor others too seriously ... isn’t afraid to laugh at his own mistakes ... but above all always strives for the mountain top by helping others reaching it.
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