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We are CrowdFunding Planning organization 80+ CrowdFunding portals

posted Oct 30, 2013, 2:27 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 30, 2013, 2:29 PM ]
I stumbled upon your website via Google Search. I am interested in your services for a crowd funding campaign that I will be starting within the next few months, and was hoping to get information on what your services entail, how it works, etc.., as this is all fairly new to me.

Yes, We can assist you . We are CrowdFunding Planning organization and have around 80+ CrowdFunding portals and related, relevant and active CrowdFunding Social media accounts and groups. Then, we know how to promote us and promote our CrowdFunding clients - (Sample web and video, social media optimizations and more ) 

We have a framework built to address your need. I like bolt points and steps , then here we go; 

1- We offer you CrowdFundingFrameworks subscription : The Frameworks represents the culmination of over 4,000+ man hours and research and over $350,000 of capital expense - all conveniently located in one simple CrowdFunding E-Learning System. We did the research so you do not have to go all over the web . ( ). This Frameworks has been created by ) 

2- Then, We send you a NDA ( non disclosure agreement ) which we both approve it . Next;

3- CrowdFundingFrameworks comes with two (2) hours of free Crowd Funding consultation .

4- In the above two hours, we document your CrowdFunding Business model ( a one page business plan ).

5- Above business model ( Stanford Univeristy business model ) allows us to understand your project , objectives and goal . 

We will submit a project plan and a proposal matching your objectives . CrowdFunding is a team work, you might approve all or part of the proposal .

6- We start with your Crowd Funding strategies and planning session, working on planning your campaign branding, campaign website design, campaign social media account setup and integration, blogging , Press releases......... and start building your CrowdFunding campaign components .

7- Meanwhile, we work on your CrowdFunding technicals . , we preview your project and start building your Crowd ( Crowd building ), right size your campaign and get proof of concept . 

We also give you access to the portal page in order for you to complete, edit and supervise your campaign components.

Next, we SEO, launch and release your campaign website and video .Our social media team also works on promoting you and build interest .. These are all prior to your launch to build 30% crowd momentum 

A 8-Good example of the above steps : 
#6 is : ( Google Fabric website ) 
#7 is :
#8 are : , ( before editing - 82000 + views ) and after video editing branding and editing )

0b9- The next step is CrwodFunding tactical or managing the day today CrowdFunding and social media 0bCampaign 0b management

10 - The last stage after successful campaign is your Go to market strategy and infrastructure 0b.

Presently, we have twenty projects in pre launch phase and two during their CrwodFunding campaign campaigns. See :
Pre campaign 0b 
At 500,000
At 350,000 0b We have raised 92% 0band 7 days left. 0b We have raised %112 and 0b 0b8 days 0bleft.

0bCrowdFunding is about hard work , experience and perseverance , we do not know any short cuts but we know about right practices .

How to start ?

1- Subscribe to 0b , this is our way to know who is serious also you get into our system and workflow . We also know the more you know the lower the cost of your CrwodFunding project and campaign 

2- Contact us for your 2 hours of Free consulting

Please let me know if you have any question and how can we be at your service

CrowdFunding help , CrowdFunding assistance and learning crowdfunding to build your crowd 

The best is for you to contact us directly at 949-442-6666 ext 103 or

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