BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE for CROWDFUNDING - Part 4 of the official 7 part crowdfunding framework

    Business Intelligence is the cornerstone of any crowdfunding campaign. 
Business intelligence is a computer-based research and analysis system that identifies and transforms data into relevant information. This information is used to make strategic decisions and to provide an in-depth view of business operations. 

    The old adage is, “Information is Power”. Well, when it comes to crowdfunding, we like to say information without relevance is a bird without wings. Having an idea is just the beginning. Google Cloud gives you the platform and tools to create an efficient information infrastructure, which will allow you to conduct business – wherever, whenever. 

The Crowd can be gained through the Cloud. - And Business Intelligence will help you “know”. 

  • Know what you should know. 
  • Know the things you need to know. 
  • Know it early. 
  • Know it often.
The Benefits of Business Intelligence includes: 
    Supporting management processes by giving a consistent view of your project both internally and externally. Being knowledgeable about business operations is critical to growing your crowd and business longevity. 

    Business intelligence can help you contain costs and grow revenue. Every Crowdfunding campaign is constricted with limited time and financial resources. Making the most out of what capital is available is an absolute necessity.