THE CLOUD - CrowdFunding

Welcome to Crowd Funding Planning - Part 2 of the official 7 part crowdfunding framework 

(Google Cloud Knowledge.) You’ve probably heard about “the Cloud”. Cloud based computing has gained a lot of momentum as businesses, small and large alike, have been switching over from traditional server based computing over to the Cloud. Your computer files can be stored in the cloud. Software is all headed to the Cloud. On a funny side note, a recent survey of Wakefield Research found 29% of Americans think cloud computing involves an actual cloud. The survey also found 51% of Americans think story weather would interfere with the Cloud. Only 16% went with a “computer network to store, access and share data”. 

But you may ask, why Google Cloud? - Simple. 

    Google currently has over 85% search engine market share. It is the number 1 ranked site in the world with over 87.8 Billiion monthly searches through Google - and daily visitors of over 620 million. Crowdfunding is primarily an online based and the crowd need to be able to find you. 

From the Cloud comes the Crowd. Given these facts, doesn't it make sense to team up with the market leader? - Google Cloud is “the” total virtual office. 

So what is the difference between Cloud Computing and Traditional IT Infrastructure? - Let’s first look at Traditional IT infrastructures. 

  • Organizations can make enormous investments towards traditional IT infrastructures. 
  • The total cost of owning and managing hardware and software is extremely expensive, especially small to medium sized ventures entering the market. 
  • The traditional IT Infrastructure is very resource-intensive just to sustain day-to-day operations, which may not be ideal for start-ups. 

Let’s take a look at specific organizational areas and what impact a traditional IT infrastructure has on the company overhead.