CROWDFUNDING – CROWD KNOWLEDGE - Part 3 of the official 7 part crowdfunding framework

The information age has brought upon us the advent of the Networking Age. 

    The internet and social media has evolved the landscape of how relationships and audiences are built and retained. Throughout history we have had milestone, like the creation of the print press and the industrial revolution, which have shifted how we live and how we pass along information. 

The internet has provided the biggest shift in information sharing since the industrial revolution. 

    Consider that Google is the number one search engine in the world. There are 87.8 Billion monthly worldwide searches through Google. Youtube, a company owned by Google, is the second largest search engine with 300 million users go to at least once a week. There are over 1 Billion registered users on Facebook and the average Facebook user has 120 connections. 3.5 Billion pieces of content are shared each week just on Facebook alone. 

    But what is even more telling of the reach of the internet and social media is this info-graph, which shows the Age distribution on social network sites. This graph is presented, not to advocate any particular social media site. The reality is that different social media channels serve different purposes, as far as CrowdFunding is concerned. Depending on your strategic target market, any one, or any number of them could be used to get your project noticed.